Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Week Through Selfies and Pictures

Just a post to show what Tennessee life and working in the office of Above Rubies is like. Of course we don't have a wedding going on every week... but there is always something chaotic happening :D

February 9

It was a getting chillier. We even got some snow - not really getting very much this year, the Tennesseans all loved it :D

The wedding day is getting closer...but we're having a blast together. This girl is so awesome!

Some of my favorite/ most used possessions: laptop, set of interchangeable knitting needles, and Bible :) 

February 10

During lunch I went on a nice brisk hike up a steep hill.

Hemming Esther's wedding dress... getting it all ready for the big day!

Celebrating the success of the dress being done! We made got chocolate and watched a movie:)

February 11

A long day of editing Power Of Motherhood for Above Rubies. Editing can be fun...but it's tiring on the eyes, too. ;b

February 12

Making the blessed tee-shirts.

Hanging my wash out...isn't it all bright and colorful?

Cleaning house and listening to music... such a great Friday! :)

Ending the day with a movie, Phantom of the Opera. The movie was great. Then it ended and Esther and I got in a fun, but heated argument over it. 

Such is life with us :D ;)

February 13

We each picked out the other's outfit then did a photo shoot. It was so cold outside! 

Walking to a friend's house... it's pretty nice out :)

Watching three really awesome people work on THM videoing. Very interesting... ;)

One of my best friend's... spending a relaxful day with her family.

Did my hair up to make it look shorter ;D

February 14

Girls crowding my room to play with the kittens :) Can't keep anything clean over the weekend :( ;b

Shelby is back!!! Watching a movie to celebrate! 

February 15

Wedding work is starting full force now... with ironing and other little things.

Studying for a blog post... hopefully will be posted soon :D

Back in the office together... first day actually working together. Went great :)

February 16

Off from office work to concentrate more with wedding preparations.

One of the kids snapped this... trying to smile but sooo tired.

This is girl is so sweet!!! So is her baby brother. :D

Awesome evening at a friend's house...lots of people = lots of fun.

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