Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to Blog With A Cell Phone #2


Life where I'm at is busy... but still trying to keep up with my promised post of the week. Amidst work, friends, and kittens, it's pretty tough though. Haha :D ;b

Most pictures on my blog I take with my cell phone...except this one of course ;)

A while back I did this terrible post explaining how I blog. Yeah... I still blog with my cell phone, and after like 80+ posts... I hope they are finally getting better... I finally did get a laptop.

But my phone has become the natural way to blog... so it's a little difficult transferring everything over. For example, right now I'm too lazy to turn on the laptop, so it's back to the cell phone ;)

Of course, a picture of the kittens staying in my room ;)

What all do I do and what has changed since the beginning?

1. Well, I got a new phone which has an awesome pink case. This phone allows me to upload pictures straight from it. On my last phone I had to use a place called to convert all photos to html links and then paste those links in my blog posts.

Let's Just say fashion posts WERE a lot of work.

2. I stopped writing the posts directly through because 
     a. It used up a lot of internet
     b. We didn't have much internet service so my posts would continually be lost.

So I downloaded a word doc app that I write all of my posts on. Once a post is written, I copy and paste it onto blogger where I finish the last minute edits, format it, and add pictures.

I know my bog still looks terrible... because my phone doesn't show me exactly what you all can see on a computer. I think I still need to work on the sizing a lot... with my laptop.

My blog is rappidly becoming a not-run-only-by-my-cell blog. 

In fact my new banner was created with my laptop through

Isn't it awesome? (the banner)

My friend and I talking today. She'll be married in a week and a half!
So, I really haven't learned that many amazing things since that first post... but I'd like to think that my overall impression is improving ;) 

What do you'll think? And yes, pink and green has got to stay... those colors just express me too much :D

Also, one of my friends just started a blog!!!!! It already looks awesome and is going to have a bunch of really fun posts :D


  1. I really like your new header, it's really pretty! And your kittens are adorable :)


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