Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Battle of Satisfaction Won

Surprise post for this wonderful Saturday morning!!

I have another video on YouTube ;)

I've also created a page for The Whatever Girl on my blog ;D 
I think most of you know I have ten younger siblings? I try really hard to record when my siblings aren't around... I literally record over and over as they keep coming in on the scene, "Keturah, what are you doing?"

"I thought I told you to stay out until I'm finished."

"You didn't tell me."

Ah, so hopefully you hear mostly music and not siblings ;p 

This is another of my own piano compositions. I hope you enjoy it :) 


  1. How beautiful!
    That song is being added to my fantasy writing playlist....


    1. Thank you so much! That makes me happy to hear ;)

  2. You play so beautifully! Love this!

  3. LOL, siblings! They're one of the reasons I'd be wary doing a vlog or anything of the sort. They'd probably barge in uninvited and make the entire thing a mess.

    A beautiful song! I loved it! You're very talented!

    1. Haha, sometimes I despair posting videos with them... but I want to share my music more than my despair 😂😂


  4. WOW THAT IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Absolutely beautiful!! (You should record your tracks and post them on SoundCloud.)

    Siblings interruptions don't bother me - happens all the time when I try to play myself. I made the mistake of teaching one Misty Mountains on the piano, so now whenever I play, she's all "Can I play my song?" and pesters me even more. XD

    (We should totally do a collab together!!!)

    1. Thanks!

      I actually don’t know much about SoundCloud but will check it out!

      Haha, glad you get siblings ;) hey, that sounds so fun! If you’re serious about a collab I’m for it! Let’s plan something ;D


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