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Mythical Doorways

About the Anthology

Eleven Tales of Magical, Mysterious, Mythical Doorways!

Step through portals and into adventure as the authors of the Fellowship of Fantasy take you on another journey into fantastic worlds. Travel through time, space, and realities to encounter monsters, mechanical foxes, and the Fates themselves. You'll fly with dragons, save implausible beasts, and perhaps find your true home. Choose your path wisely, for dangers lurk in the lands beyond.

In the third anthology from the Fellowship of Fantasy, eleven authors promise you journeys into fairy lands hidden within the modern world, futuristic universities, and lands of ancient myth. So what are you waiting for? Cross through our Doorways for the adventure of a lifetime!

Download the ebook (free to download starting March 27th) at your favorite digital store:

Mythical Doorways Authors

- Katy Huth Jones
- D. G. Driver
- Lauren Lynch
- H.L. Burke
- Savannah Jezowski
- A. J. Bakke
- Laurie Lucking
- Jenelle Schmidt
- Arthur Daigle
- Bokerah Bromley
- J.M. Hackman

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Let's Party!

Fellowship of Fantasy is celebrating their third short story anthology release, Mythical Doorways!

Whether they open onto new worlds or just new opportunities, doorways allow us to step through and uncover great adventures, discoveries, and risks.

Where will these Mythical Doorways take you?

Grab your favorite drink and snack on March 29th at 8 PM EST (7 PM CST and 5 PM PST) and be prepared for a fun time of chatting with multiple authors, games, and giveaways!

Giveaway Time!

The Fellowship of Fantasy and Deep Magic E-Zine have joined together to offer you an awesome paperback giveaway! Dive into eleven new worlds by entering to win a paperback of Mythical Doorways! (US only.)

About Deep Magic E-Zine: The name Deep Magic pays homage to C.S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia. Deep Magic is a quarterly e-zine dedicated to creating a safe place for minds to wander in the worlds and universe of SFF. We want all who visit to feel welcome and confident that they will encounter professionally written fiction of the highest quality that is safe for all to read.

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Interview with H. L. Burke 

Hello, and welcome to Keturah's Korner! Could you please introduce yourself to my readers?
My name is Heidi but I write under H. L. Burke. I'm a mother of two super-hero-princesses, dragon keeper, cat servant, and military wife. I like to write whimsical fantasy with creative worlds and extra helpings of snark.

Mentioning no writerly type things (including reading) what do you enjoy doing?
Crocheting has been a long time hobby for me. I can make toy animals, but I tend to make mostly dishrags because my kids want to keep all the toy animals and we run out of room in the house. I also enjoy watching YouTube and playing puzzle games.

Why did you start writing? And why do you continue writing now?
I've been writing since before I could write. I have vague memories of dictating stories to my mom in preschool, and since I've never really stopped. I don't think I'm capable of stopping. It might be the coffee … it's probably the coffee. Umm, now I want more coffee.

What is your favorite thing you've ever written?
A blog post I wrote about Sneks. Not snakes. Sneks. It was part of the Coiled blog tour. The main hero in that is cursed to turn into a giant snake when anyone looks at him, so I started sharing a bunch of cute snek memes (they're kind of on the same level of lolcats and doge memes, cute or derpy sneks talking with intentionally bad grammar).
When my publisher for that book, Uncommon Universes Press, asked me for some related blog posts for a blog tour, I wrote about Calen (the prince from Coiled)'s daily struggles with his snek self, and included ALL the snek jokes. I have written novels I haven't been as proud of as that silly post. I have a weird sense of humor. 
Read about Sneks here! 

Advice, because deep down we all love it even if we say we don't. What are the wisest words you've ever heard? They can apply to writing... or not if you so choose!
I don't love advice, so I totally deny your premise. I loathe advice. If I can't figure something out on my own, I feel like I'm cheating. I rarely ask for advice, and when I do, I almost always regret it because I don't like the responses I get and end up doing something completely different. There's nothing I hate more than unsolicited advice.
I've learned to force myself to take input into consideration on things like my writing that I'm trying to improve/edit, but I have to run it through my own filter and weigh it against how I personally feel about something, and by the time I've dragged it through the other side, and put my own spin on it, I've probably forgotten what the original advice was. I'm just fiercely independent that way.
I also HATE giving advice. I can give suggestions. If it is practical advice like “how to do a thing” I'll give you pointers, but I'm a big believer in individualism, so if someone asks me for advice, I get squirrely. I LOVE talking about what works for me, but I'm really quick to assume that it won't work for anyone else. There's not really one way to do anything, and it's so much more fun to try the various ways and figure out what works for you than it is to listen to what anyone has to say on the matter.
So my favorite advice is anti-advice like my own mantra “never ask permission to create art” or Neil Gaiman's “When people tell you there’s something wrong with a story, they’re almost always right. When they tell what it is that’s wrong and how it can be fixed, they’re almost always wrong.”
Basically I like advice that gives people permission to do whatever they want.

Have you ever read a book in a genre you didn't like, and then liked that book and wished the genre had more books like the book?
I generally don't like a lot of romance because it gets tied up in silly things I don't personally find very romantic like poetic speech or romantic gestures … and a lot of the conflict tends to be based on petty drama and misunderstanding. I have found a few romance authors, Ines Bautista Yao and Liwen Ho, who do write gentler romance that relies more on just sweet stories where the couples don't always fight about stupid things. However, I'm well aware that romance readers LOVE the drama and the Hallmark moments, so I feel I can let them have their fun while I go in the corner and play with my dragons.

What makes you smile? Share a joke with us!
CATS! CATS make me smile so much. Also any chance I get to quote Psych. So I'll just say, “You heard about Pluto?”
My people will understand.

Tell us a fun fact that you rarely get to share, but always want to say!
America has never lost a war when donkeys were in use.

What have you recently learned about writing?
Don't send out your beta copies during flu season and expect immediate response. Seriously, last time I sent out my book for my beta readers, I swear I somehow infected four different beta readers, in different states, with some sort of death virus. I'm not going to say that manuscript was cursed, but it might've been.

Tell us about YOUR story in Mythical Doorways and why you are excited about it!
Jericho and the Magician's Daughter is a prequel to my Spellsmith & Carver trilogy. It features one of the two leads, Jericho Carver, as a teenage boy who has recently been apprenticed to the local magician. When he finds out the magician's daughter is forbidden from learning about magic, he decides to take action to right this wrong, even if it might cost him his place in the magician's employment. There's also a magical bronze fox named Jaspyr … and maybe another cool mythical creature, but that's a bit of a spoiler.
I spent most of last year writing the Spellsmith & Carver series and towards the end of it couldn't shake the characters, so I used some of their backstory as an excuse to write the short and visit them again.
Also, while I try not to write my husband as all my fictional love interests, but occasionally I indulge and write a character who is very much him. Jericho is a lot like my husband, which means I adore him. He's smart, reliable, snarky, and perceptive. Also tall. Really really tall. I like tall guys. I think it is Tolkien's fault. Growing up I was like, “I want to marry a Numenorean Ranger.”

Where can we connect with you?
I'm scattered around the world wide web, chasing dragons, mostly, but I'm most active on Facebook. You can also find links to all my books and subscribe to my monthly newsletter at my website.

Thank you so much for joining us today! May your writing and may you be blessed!

Blog Tour Schedule

Tuesday, March 27th
Wednesday, March 28th
Thursday, March 29th


  1. This was such a fun interview! Oh my goodness, I loved it! You asked such great questions Keturah and loved learning more about H.L. Burke!

    Thank you so much for participating in the blog tour!

    1. Thanks! I had so much fun coming up with the questions ;D You're welcome! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of it :D


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