Wednesday, March 14, 2018

You Are What You Say

Found on Pinterest 

Pinterest is a great place to find quotes. That's about all I do on there ;) There are always so many! Great ones and not so great ones.

But the majority of what I find are like this one: they sound great but deep down... they  really aren't that great.

Let me explain...

To an extent, this is a great quote. It's not the best thing to gossip about people. I mean... the Bibe talks against it. And talking about the weather or the last party you went to is rather pointless. But is it true that ideas are the epitome of great minds? 

Let's dig into this idea and see...

The greatest person that ever lived was Yeshua (Jesus). His mind is the one we should imitate. His ways are the way we should walk. His words should reflect from our conversation.

What was the mind of Yeshua like? 

  • To do His father's will
  • To sacrifice himself for us (people) 
  • To love everyone
  • To warn us of consequences (events) 

Yes, he spent time with the pharisees discussing ideas. But do we really want to group ourselves with the great minds, to be great and discuss ideas?

Ideas are merely philosophical ponderings of the truly important things: people and life (events)

Ideas are fun. Ideas are good. Ideas are important.

But people are real, and they along with life are what really matter.

Ideas should pave the path toward living worthy events with the people God has surrounded you with. 

Great minds don't discuss ideas, events, or people. They think about God and live in a balance of all three. 

So, yeah, don't gossip. Don't live for the next party. But let's not say great minds are merely philosophers. Because greatness doesn't rely in being conceited or selfish.

Greatness is being like Yeshua (Jesus).

Love to hear your thoughts! What are some ideas that are worthy of being discussed, that help us live better lives for those around us? 


  1. I needed this reminder. Great post!

  2. As always, this is so thought-provoking.

    Thank you, great job!

  3. Ah, nice! Where you went with this totally surprised me, and it's still a great quote in a limited context, but overall, I gotta agree: ideas are important and we certainly shouldn't gossip. But at the end of the day, the MOST important thing is living the way Jesus lived, which gave a balance of all three that pointed straight back to the Father.

    Love reading your unique perspective, as always!


    1. Ah, thanks! I'm always glad to give pleasant surprises ;) And yes, in the context it's meant, I have to agree that I like the quote too... but my weird mind always likes to think the next step on ;p


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