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The 5-Part Writing Special: Main Character(s)

Introduce your Main Character(s): (Just like a name, and who they are…)
  1. Nixie Orson, daughter of the once famous scientist Stewart Orson. She was born and raised in Germany. Her story is FIRST THOUGHTS.
  2. Hedley Kieffner, lives on Orsona in a small town with his large, red headed family. They raise horses for the giant mosquitoes diet. His story is UNCONTROLLED THOUGHTS.
  3. Taylor Ibori, the one who made this series become. His book was written first, though it's book #3. The young black man is nearly 30 and his story is SILENT THOUGHTS.
  4. Akerly Gray, has lived life doing everything his best friend and cousin, Zeroe, has. He has just dropped out of OUM after Zeroe was expelled. Life changes for them as they join the Rebels. Their story is DECIDING THOUGHTS.
  5. Dale Oehler, is a chief interrogator on Babel. His life has purpose because of his wife and children. His story is BROKEN THOUGHTS.
  6. Mashaki Payne, daughter of the High Captain of the skies and ex-girlfriend of Taylor Ibori. She and Dale grew up as best friends. Her story finishes the series in FINAL THOUGHTS.

How are the goals of the main character and the villain clashing?
Each of my main characters believe differently than the other, all three main worldviews spread between the six of them. As you can imagine that brings much trouble.

War. Death. Imprisonment.

There is no "true" villain in this series, for each character gets the chance to be main character, side character, and villain. They all desire their own version of peace. But peace means something different to each person, according to what they believe.

What motivates your MC?
  • Nixie lives for her father and to serve God. She hopes that someday her mother may return to their family dynamic. 
  • Hedley is motivated by curiosity. 
  • Taylor desires to speak, to know, to be educated. 
  • Akerly is motivated by his cousin.
  • Dale's family keeps him passionate.
  • Mashaki is motivated by pretending she is OK.

What lie does your MC believe in?
  • Nixie believes that thoughts can be understood, that people can eventually understand.
  • Hedley believes he can find purpose once he learns to control his thoughts.
  • Taylor believes knowledge is the key to healing.
  • Akerly believes loyalty to his cousin is worth any cost. 
  • Dale believes his actions are justified by necessity. 
  • Mashaki believes what she and her father does is necessary, and that regret is too late for her.

What is one trait the MC disapproves of in his/herself?

  • Nixie doesn't spend much time thinking of herself.
  • Hedley hates how he cannot control his thoughts.
  • Taylor is about improvement. He does not wast time pondering his bad traits.
  • Akerly hates how he has no purpose outside of his cousin.
  • Dale hates the brokenness that dwells inside.
  • Mashaki hates how she acts so cold, indifferent about things that matter. Yet how else could she live her life?

What does the MC love about him/herself?
  • Nixie is proud of her Aryan looks.
  • Hedley loves the excitement he feels from a new discovery.
  • Taylor loves that he can learn easily.
  • Akerly rarely thinks about himself in a positive way. 
  • Dale loves that he can do efficient work.
  • Mashaki spends too much time being prideful about her accomplishments. But that is just because she is too busy trying to forget about regret.

What is your MC’s greatest strength and weakness?
  • Nixie: trust 
  • Hedley: excitement
  • Taylor: knowledge 
  • Akerly: loyalty 
  • Dale: strength of will
  • Mashaki: indifference 

What does your MC like to do when they’re bored?
I'm afraid I never give my characters the chance to get bored... but we'll pretend...
  • Nixie: stare at the stars and dream of the day when her mother might come home so that her whole family may be together and worship God.
  • Hedley: Listen to his sister... or Mellie... sing. If they aren't around he'd read.
  • Taylor: Boredom could lead to bad dreams... must not be bored. Will study, read, train, anthing.
  • Akerly: work with the animals, maybe go for a walk and sit by the river.
  • Dale: watch his wife play with the children.
  • Mashaki: visit Ross and Janice. Or find someone to lecture. Most likely the latter.

What does the MC look like? (Bonus points for picture)
Sorry, I'm terrible with pictures ;/
  • Nixie: she is petite, young. Her mother calls her "My little Pixie", as she looks much like a small fairy. She is pale, with long blond hair, light blue eyes. Her smile is sweet, naive, wanting only peace between everyone.
  • Hedley: Hyper, his red hair seems to be every where at one. His skin is pale with freckles splashed all over. He is muscled from working on the farm. In the summer he is always sun burned; he does not tan.
  • Taylor: He is negro, medium height. His hair is fashioned after the Greeks, due to his love of study, he has two inch long smooth curls spread evenly about his head.
  • Akerly: A tall negro man, muscled from work on his family's farm. In the beginning of the story he and Zeroe have dreads.
  • Dale: Tan, softening muscles, dark hair cut too short. His dark eyes are deep, full of the pain he tries to hide. Normally he succeeds and instead one sees intense power, and instead are afraid of the pain he might inflict.
  • Mashaki: Negro, curvy. Her full lips always smile, whether truly for your gain or your pain may not be known. Her hair is styled, past her shoulders, with a slight 

How is your MC similar to and different from you?

  • Nixie: When I was younger I used to too wish that all might just get a long. Just like her I had to find out that hard way that this just isn't possible.
  • Hedley: I've been told already that we two are very much alike, despite him being a guy. His random thoughts, his hyper unexpected ways. I may have just wrote my mind open to the whole world...
  • Taylor: I, too, have desired certain things intensely only to discover it was not meant to be, and so I had to accept the new dream God would have me accept.
  • Akerly: loyalty is extremely important to me, and it, too, has hurt me in exchange. But like Akerly I have found that regardless of the pain I had to continue on loving.
  • Dale: When I lost what I loved most is shook my world. Darkness came, but necessity helped me to push through until hope was able to light my world again.
  • Mashaki: in many ways I am too much like Mashaki in that I will hide my pain behind laughter, pretend to be callous and indifferent just because I can't face the hurting. And because of that I, too, have been accused of being cold-hearted when all I was wanting was to be understood.

And those are my characters! Which do you like best? Least? Do you have characters with traits similar to yourself?  


  1. Okay, I LOVE how varied your characters are! This sounds like such an interesting series, Keturah, especially since you're giving them ALL the chance to be hero, supporting, and villain. <3 Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Thanks, Faith! I must say... my characters are what make my stories special to me ;)

  2. It's so cool that they all play different roles. I think me and Mashaki have some things in common.

    1. Mashaki is one of my oldest characters... (as in being born into my mind). So, she’s one of my favorites for sure! I’m hoping many people will relate to her for many reasons (can’t say due to plot spoilers 😂)

  3. I just LOVE how all these stories are connected together and intertwined and OH MY HEART THAT IS SOMETHING I JUST LOVE IN SERIES!!!!!!

    And the titles. YES.

    *pauses for breath*


  4. I liked how you broke up the question to address each of your MCs. I did three, which I thought was hard, but you've got SIX. WOW.

    I like the bullet points. It makes everything look so neat and organized!

    1. Yes... was hard ;b And no way could I have done it without bullet points 😂😂 Thanks 😎

  5. Your characters are so cool and unique!!!:D

  6. Wow, you have 6 MC's!! That is a lot, and they are all so different, I love it! All of them have really intertwining stories, which is also unique :).

    Great job, Keturah!!


  7. "each character gets the chance to be main character, side character, and villain" - I love the idea that you'll be looking at the overarching events from several points of view! I feel that will give fascinating insights into not only the truth behind the events, but also into the characters' personalities. Looking forward to reading more! :D
    - Jem Jones

    1. Character development is so much fun! Thank you!

  8. It sounds like I am the most in like Nixie, in mind and looks. All of these characters are so cool! I can't only control one main character, so I have no idea how you can do six!

    1. Really? Nixie was the hardest character to write because she is so not like me at all ;p I guess... I don't really control them? I just write what they do and say lol ;D Also, if you ever feel like beta reading, Nixie's book is ready to read! ;D

    2. Whoops, typo. I ment to say I a can only control one, not can't. Sory about that...

      Yes!!!! I would love to read Nixie's book. First Thoughts, right? Do you have my email?

    3. Haha, that's what I figured you meant ;p

      I don't but I think I can find it ;D


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