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NaNo Wip: Wrapping it Up With Snippets And Memes

It's the last week of the five part WIP TAG! 
And it's been so fun sharing about my NaNo novel, All The Other Girls. 

Here are the other parts of the tag:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

I'm not big into aesthetics — But I'll try to make some for this post.

“All right,” Cinderella makes room and they work together. Cinderella washes and Zilla rinses. “I love doing dishes. I imagine it helps wash off the dirt and is better than soaking in a bath of milk.”
Zilla admires Cinderella’s small, soft hands. Not for the first time. No matter how many dishes Zilla may wash, her hands always remain hard and cracked . . . and large. “Maybe for you,” Zilla agrees. “But not for me.”
“You just need more dishes,” Cinderella encourages.


“Thank you —” and then she trips.
Prince Dashel catches her so that she doesn’t fall. Her face smacks hard against the brass buttons on his coat. Tears sting her eyes.
“Oh,” both of the prince’s arms wrap around her, holding her carefully.
Zilla tries to stand, but her shoes are twisted beneath her feet. Her lame leg is weak and useless. “I’m sorry,” she cries. “My shoes are too big — and I am lame.”
“Oh,” the prince says again, this time with more depth. “Then allow us to break a moment to fix this.”
The prince raises a hand to the musicians and they stall playing. A servant comes at the prince’s bidding.
Zilla steps back from his warm embrace, curious and afraid.
“Let us take off our shoes — he’ll hold them for us while we dance.”

Aunt Eme lowers herself to Zilla’s height, squatting on bent knees. “Zilla, what do you want? Tell me, girl.”
“I want —” she thinks about her dress. About the ball and all the splendor, of Cinderella’s wedding dress. Of everything she doesn’t have. Of the filth she does own. “I want a better life where even my servants work less.”
Aunt Eme chuckles, but quickly hides it. “Zilla, you’ll never be content with anything until you are happy now. If you think tomorrow brings happiness, you’ll only be disappointed and continue to wait for a new tomorrow.”
Zilla cries. Not loudly. But she can’t stop the large tears from washing her cheeks. She doesn’t want to be happy now. She doesn't want to be content with what she has. But she can’t live life this way anymore either.
It hurts to love. But hate hurts, too. She envies Cinderella — and misses her, too.
“I wish things hadn’t been so hard for you, dear girl. But someday, if you allow, you will become such strong kind person because of it. One who can understand anyone and be able to help many.”
“How can I help anyone? I can’t even help myself.”
Aunt Eme rises and smiles, “We always have something to give just as we can choose to always be content. Now tell me, do you want this job?”
Zilla shakes her head, “I don’t know. But there’s nothing else I can think of to do.”

For music, I didn't listen to it half of the time as I have poor WiFi service. But when I did I listened to random background music on YouTube — which is weird for me as I normally listen to music with lyrics when I write. Toward the end of NaNo I listened to a lot of YouTube soundtracks titled Chill Step, or chilling music.

Make sure to find me on NaNo! Here's my total word count: 50,282 words and a WINNER!!!

Jules @ Saver of Memories (The Creator)
Ceci @ Ceci Creates
Lisa @ Inkwell
Julia @ Lit Aflame
Melissa @ Quill Pen Writer
Brooklyne @ Showers of Blessings
Keturah @ Keturah’s Korner

Thank you, Jules, for creating this tag WIP! And 

THANKS to Lisa for making the images for the 


This tag has been so fun. I hope all of you have 

enjoyed getting to know a bit about my novel as 

I've been writing it. This is the first time I've 

shared so much while writing a first draft. 

How's NaNo been for you? Or your writing? Or 

your month in general? 


  1. WHO-HOO!! Congratulations, Keturah!!! And those snippets . . . <3

    1. Thanks, Nicole! I don't usually share snippets - it's so hard to pick them and I feel crazy sharing things that might not make sense without context. But I'm glad you enjoyed them ;D

  2. Great job, Keturah! Loved all the snippets! It sounds like a beautiful story.

  3. I don't know anything about your story, but from these snippets it sounds like it's from the stepsister's point of view instead of Cinderella?? Or something like that. Anyway, it sounds super great and I loved the snippets and now I'll have to go read all the other parts of the tag so I can find out more. :D

    1. Thanks! It's actually from the perspective of Cinderella's best friend - I wanted to tell the story from the POV of a girl who really wanted the prince, but wasn't Cinderella. And I thought it'd be fun if the two girls were friends. Hope you enjoy the rest of the tag! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Dashel is sooooo sweet!!! Is that when Zilla fell for him? (pun intended...)

    Congrats on winning NaNo!!!!!

    1. *People are already making puns with my story. Yay!!!* haha, but, yes, it is ;) And thanks!

  5. AHH CONGRATS ON FINISHING NANO!! Such an epic moment! And I loved the snippets!

    1. Thanks! Though I'm still impressed with your six day NaNo novel! That's insane. And thanks for stopping by ;D

  6. Super cool snippets, girl!! Loved them!

  7. Congratz on winning NaNo!! And your snippets were so intriguing; I especially loved the quotes on the pictures! "If it weren't for her fear of fire, she should have been born a dragon." That's brilliant!


    1. Thanks! I wish those were quotes, but they are just memes I made up after the "theme"/ "mood" of the story. Though that dragon one was pretty fun and I'm I really want to place it somewhere in the second draft ;d


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