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The 5-Part Writing Special: Supporting Characters (and villain!)

Introduce your side characters, explain what makes them unique, and perhaps include their relationship to the MC.
  • Stewart Orson should be a main character as he is responsible for the worlds, and one of the planets is named after him. But he is in the stories very little. Shortly after discovering the rifts and losing his credibility in the scientific world, he found God, making the world look at him as i he were doubly crazy. Because of this his wife left him and Nixie. 
  • Anthony, the first person to befriend Nixie in FIRST THOUGHTS. His father is the science teacher at the school Nixie attends when moving to USA. He is unique because of his quite kindness, his too short red hair, his love of science production.
  • Roni, Hedley's younger sister. Noise is something that fascinates Hedley, especially Roni's laugh.
  • Mellie, the first girl Hedley loves in UNCONTROLLED THOUGHTS. 
  • Greg, a father-like figure to Hedley. He is in several of the books, after mysteriously disappearing in UNCONTROLLED THOUGHTS.
  • Professor Gregory Sheppard, professor at OUM (Orsona's University of the Mind) and mentor to Taylor in SILENT THOUGHTS. 
  • Brian is a little boy Taylor befriends in SILENT THOUGHTS. He helps Taylor see past his desire for knowledge to a desire for truth, and even helps Taylor like kids a little.
  • Steven, a Believer.
  • The girl with no name. Hedley has a strange fascination for her. But her secrets may hold answers he needs...
  • Captain Payne, Mashaki's father. He is the most respected Space Captain, responsible for capturing the most Rebels.
  • Captain Vase, the man Taylor works for. Mysterious, but efficient with his work.
  • Zeroe, Akerly's cousin in DECIDING THOUGHTS. He takes Akerly's loyalty for granted, and lives a wild life, drawn to the Rebels.
  • Charlene, a girl Zeroe meets and falls in love with.
  • Amity, Dale's wife. 
  • Rosa and Thorne, Dale's twins. 
  • Ross and Janeen, the people that help Mashaki feel at peace with the world.
  • And there are more... but here are some of the most important.

Provide snippets from your WIP for each side character (can include the villain).
“Oh, good,” Nixie said. “I suppose you can show me the way?”

“Sounds like a plan. By the way, I never got your name?” They both entered the elevator and the boy pushed an upward arrow.

“Nixie,” Nixie smiled.

The boy returned her smile and held out his hand, “I'm Anthony. It's very nice to meet you Nixie.”
Nixie accepted his hand. It was big and warm and friendly. Very friendly. It was the first hand ever offered to her for her own sake. “It's nice to meet you, too, Anthony.” She took a good look at this boy. She couldn't tell if he were the same age as she, or younger. He almost looked cute, despite his light red hair being cut much too short.

Hey, Hedley. Long time no see.

Hedley grinned, spinning his head around as he sensed Mellie Troy. He stepped away from the fence he was repairing, setting his tools on the ground. Now isn't that a beautiful sight?

Mellie had the same wonderful gift Roni possessed, laughter that sounded and filler her surroundings with music. She laughed at Hedley right then.
Mellie was beautiful. She used to walk by quite often to visit her brother, Xander. Hedley would watch her, never revealing himself for fear his thoughts would reveal more than they should. Though he wondered if that would be so bad? If he didn't get her, Carver would.

You're awful silent today?

Hedley's muscles tensed with pain. There were so many thoughts he kept hidden that just wanted to burst themselves onto Mellie.
I guess I'm just not sure what to think around you. Oh that came out so wrong.

What is your name? A small boy asked Taylor.


My name is Brian. I've never been to Earth before. The kid seemed to be about ten. His mischievous innocence went with hid dusty blond hair. Brian was very active.

Neither have I.
Taylor wrote the boy's name down. The "B" was nice and bold. But Brian bumped him on the "r", making it longer and sloppier.
He handed the finished tag to Brian, and helped him draw designs on it.

Do you like swimming? Brian asked.

The white moon fascinated Akerly the most. It had no purpose, yet it always came. It continued to live even as they saw it as meaningless.
It was an odd phenomenon, one Akerly meant to study. For one usually discovered even the most mundane thing had significant purpose. What did the white moon have to say?

Same, Akerly.

I guess we could find girls. Settle down?

Not a bad idea. Zeroe chuckled. But I want to do more. Something great. Spectacular. Prove to the world that we are more than what some person thinks.

Or what a test says. Tests are stupid. Akerly regretted the thoughts at once as they released.
Zeroe's chuckled desisted.

Akerly kicked his bare feet into the lake. Sorry… I didn't mean to upset you. I can be so stupid at times.

No, Akerly. You are fine. You said nothing wrong. And you've been better than a brother—I want to thank you for sticking by my side-

How could I have done otherwise?

Dale? His wife's thoughts sounded into his mind. What are you doing out here?

Dale motioned for his wife, patting the stairs beside him. She slipped through the door, closing it softly. And then she sat beside him. Is everything alright?

Dale nodded. Yes, Amity. Just resting in the morning.

Amity's head sank into Dale's chest. He stroked her uncombed hair, comforted by her presence. If it wasn't for her he wouldn't know what to do with his broken self. The constrained thoughts that boiled within him were enough to drive any man crazy.
That's why he needed Amity.
Do I have to go to work today?

Amity chuckled softly into her chest. He felt her eyes open, as her head slowly rose away from him. Are you feeling homesick today?

Maybe a little. Dale grinned.

Amity wrapped her arms through the one closest to her. For what home?

This home. With you and the kids. Though at times I still dream of Orsona. And of no more nightmares.

Ross laughed. Hey! I just heard you were promoted. Congratulations.
Mashaki resumed her natural face. Thanks! Do you and Janeen have plans tonight?
Only with you. Ross winked.
Mashaki smiled, feeling it was her first true smile for the day. Already her worries were slipping away. And her regrets.
Ross and Janeen had a way with making her happy.
Awesome! I really wanted to spend one last night with you all before my career takes control.

Which of your side characters is closest to the MC?
Well do each book ;)
  • First Thoughts: Nixie is very close to her father, though she and Anthony become very close.
  • Uncontrolled Thoughts: Hedley was closest to Greg, but he disappears. After that it is his sister, Roni.
  • Silent Thoughts: Hedley and Mashaki are side characters in this book, and Taylor is close to both of them.
  • Deciding Thoughts: Zeroe is Akerly's best friend, a cousin closer than a brother.
  • Broken Thoughts: Dale is closest to his wife, Amity. 
  • Final Thoughts: Mashaki is close to her father, Captain Payne. But she feels at ease around Ross and Janeen, who are like her adopted grandparents. 

How do the good guys work together as a team?
But who is truly good? Who is not? ;)
The society works together, building a safer, cleaner atmosphere and society. They train, they educate, they let their thoughts flow free.

How do they clash with each other?
Questioning why always brings tension. Tension is not peace. What is not peace is not good. No, people rarely clash.
Though deep down they all know you can't always understand one another's thoughts.
In Hedley's book his father cannot understand Hedley's wild thoughts... why he chooses to live so differently. And that causes distance between the father and son.

Describe your antagonist/villain in 3 words.
Indefinable or nonexistent

Why is your villain bad?
Because (ideas) threaten the peace and security of the other side.

Is the villain an “I work alone” sort of person, or the kind who has a ton of minions?
I'm afraid my book doesn't have that sort of villain. Just people with ideas, ideas worth fighting and dying for.

How does your villain walk and talk?
Like a person, I suppose. Though most of my people don't talk, just think ;)

What are the villain’s main mannerisms that define him/her?
To not think through what they are doing (this applies for all the characters). They do what they do because it's right... They all think. Thoughts flow free.  But do they actually consider why they think what they think? Few do.
And that defines every individual... who thinks, and who thinks they think?

Do you have a favorite snippet or side character from this? And should I have a definite bad guy?


  1. All of your side characters sound so neat!

    AHHH, the snippets!!! All of them were excellent!


  2. AH, nice post! I like how your story doesn't have the typical "main villain" in it.

    1. I’ve neve been a fan of writing a literal villain (except in extreme fairytales πŸ˜‚)

  3. Question that popped into my head: if people start speaking, do their voices get cracked and everything, because they haven't spoken in a long time? (Or have I already asked you about that? I don't remember...)

    Books with lots of characters are always fun to read, though if my memory is on a lower side, it can be a little confusing...

    1. I love your questions!! They keep making me dig further into my world. People don’t speak at all... they just don’t ;b except the government. And they’ve been taught how to do so properly. But I love the idea of cracking voices πŸ˜‚

      And yes, multiple characters can be so confusing to read when not properly written... thankfully most of my side characters have little of the plot, the story revolves around the main characters.

  4. Your characters sound really complex! I liked reading about them.

    And your 'villain' concept is really cool. I like that it's not your typical 'bad guy' but ideas. That's cool.

    1. And thanks!!

      I really love philosophy, and ideas are where everything start... so to me they are the mastery of villainry (if that’s a word πŸ˜‚

  5. You have such a large cast! I can barely handle more then five, they are all really intresting.

    1. It just seems a lot because there’s so many books... each book has a decent cast of characters πŸ˜‚ Thanks πŸ™ƒ

  6. The telepathy idea is hooking me more and more, Keturah! Is there a range limit on hearing people's thoughts? Is it possible to just communicate with one person, or would that be against the principles behind the idea (I'm thinking it would be)? Can other people only hear characters' 'active' thoughts? Do people get good at 'not thinking', or not thinking about certain things? (it's pretty hard, in my experience!) If someone doesn't know someone else is there (e.g. Mellie not knowing Hedley was watching her, in the past), do they overhear their thoughts and realise they're there?

    Sorry about all the questions - it's just such an interesting world! ;D
    - Jem Jones

    1. Yay! And don't apologize... love the questions.

      As long as people are close enough to each other they can hear each other's thoughts and are able to sort them out. If it's too far away it's just jumbled. Walls make no difference... so for that reason the government have special buildings where the air is sterile so civilians can't hear their thoughts from the outside. It is possible to communicate with just one person, to close the all else out. But it's very rare... and most people believe impossible. There's no "scientific reason" for why it's possible, that's why it's believed to be a rumor. All thoughts are active (free) unless controlled. Over time as a child grows up and his thoughts become rational he learns to control his thoughts so that they stay within instead of everyone knowing everything they think. It is very hard, and the normal population mess up a lot ;) Those that are specially trained are taught how to create a thought... basically make a lie and make others believe that's what they are thinking. But that's VERY hard. If they don't know someone else is there, and the person keeps their thoughts silent, then they are fine. But if their thoughts become free, then, yeah, that person is going to know someone is there ;D

  7. Wow! It's amazing how many side characters there can be! I love the concept of how thoughts are dangerous, and how that showed in your snippets! Great post!


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